Disinfection when you need it.
Disinfection where you need it.

Residential disinfection services starting at $0.10/sqft

Commercial disinfection services starting at $399/mo


Our mobile UV disinfecting device can sanitize all exposed surfaces in timely five to ten minute cycles. A UV technician will assess your space, evaluate the optimal positioning points, and run our machine until the room has had adequate light exposure. During the initial consultation, we will also verify the effectiveness of the disinfection process. If you would like additional assurance, we can also provide you a full UV report which details the power levels provided in each space we have operated. 


People want a new level of clean. During the COVID-19 crisis, individuals are more concerned than ever about how their homes and businesses are being sanitized. In addition to existing standards of care, we aim to provide you additional peace of mind, using the same sterilization technology you would find in hospitals across America.


Our main safety requirement is keeping the space unoccupied during a UV cycle. Our flexible scheduling ensures we can provide the service when you need it. If you are a business or homeowner we can come early or stay late depending on your needs. As an extra measure of safety, our machine is equipped with motion sensitive cameras which automatically turn the machine off in the event there is an unplanned entry.


Our Mobile Device

The mobile device our technicians bring to you is the American Ultraviolet MRS 45-12 Mobile UV Unit. These machines provides us the ability to thoroughly disinfect both residential and commercial properties quickly and properly. Should you need, we can also provide you with an efficacy report to show the level of UV exposure your space was treated with after the service.

Learn more about American Ultraviolet and their incredible track record at https://www.americanultraviolet.com/