Permanent solutions for your home or business

Looking for UV disinfection products you can equip in your home or business? We have access to a range of solutions including air purification, handheld devices and mounted surface disinfecting lamps. Call or email today to discuss which make sense for you.

RAM Enclosed Air Treatment

  • Wall-mounted air purification system with fan-assisted air movement

  • Safe for occupied rooms as UV light is contained within the fixture

  • Available in 14” and 36” sizes

Starting at $914

TB Upper Air Treatment

  • Wall-mounted air purification system 

  • Safe for occupied rooms if installed above contact level (7 feet or higher)

  • Available for 100, 200, and 300 square foot coverage

  • Can be combined for a custom room configuration

Starting at $949

CM Upper Air Treatment

  • Wall-mounted air purification system for corners where TB units will not fit

  • 75-100 square foot coverage 

  • Combine with TB Upper Air Treatments for full-room coverage

Starting at $574

 SM Series - Direct Surface Mounted Fixtures

  • Mounts to ceilings or under counters for direct air and surface sterilization

  • Can only be used while room is unoccupied

  • Available in 18” and 36” sizes

  • Available with protective guard rail to prevent lamp breakage

Starting at $672

 Blade - Handheld UVC Wand

  • Handheld germicidal fixture for hard to reach areas or high touch surfaces

  • Safe for operator and room occupants as long as light is not shined into eyes or onto skin

Starting at $699

 Replacement Bulbs

Starting at $81 per bulb
Depending on fixture